Monday, June 20, 2022

Annotated 3D-Models of cuneiform tablets

Timo Homburg; Robert Zwick; Hubert Mara; Kai-Christian Bruhn

Data curator(s)
Tim Brandes; Ali Zalaghi; Eva Huber; Marc Alexander Weber; Laura Krimmel; Jan Eric Tärnhuvud; Franziska Lutz
Project leader(s)
Kai-Christian Bruhn; Doris Prechel

This dataset contains two 3D models of cuneiform clay tablets.

The first 3D model is a Middle-Assyrian clay tablet excavated in Haft Tappeh, Iran, the second 3D model covers the cuneiform clay tablet 3D scan of HS 1174, a tablet of the Hilprecht collection which is already published at the university library of Heidelberg.

Both tablets are annotated in 2D and 3D and are provided in different representations which included their annotations.

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