Thursday, February 24, 2022


Alessio Palmisano; Andrew Bevan; Dan Lawrence; Stephen Shennan

The archive NERD provides a collation of 11,027 radiocarbon dates from 1023 archaeological sites in the Near East from the Late Pleistocene until the Late Holocene (15 - 1.5 cal. kyr BP). These dates have been collected from existing online digital archives, and electronic and print original publications. This is an ongoing dataset that will be updated step by step with new published radiocarbon dates. A detailed description of the present dataset is available via the following data paper: Palmisano, A., Bevan, A., Lawrence, D., and Shennan, S., 2022. The NERD Dataset: Near East Radiocarbon Dates between 15,000 and 1,500 cal. yr. BP. Journal of Open Archaeology Data, 10(2), 1-9.

List of versions:

  • 4.0  8 December 2021 — 380 new dates added (update of the files 'References.txt', 'nerd.csv', and '').
  • 3.0  7 April 2021 — 10 new dates added (update of the files 'References.txt', 'nerd.csv', and '').
  • 2.0. 7 April 2021 — 31 new dates added (update of the files 'References.txt', 'nerd.csv', and '').
  • 1.0  6 April 2021 — First public release of the dataset on Zenodo


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