Sunday, February 27, 2022

Open Access Journal: Ride: A review journal for digital editions and resources

 [First posted in AWOL 21 June 2014, updated 27 February 2022]

Ride: A review journal for digital editions and resources
ISSN: 2363-4952
RIDE is a review journal dedicated to digital editions and resources. RIDE aims to direct attention to digital editions and to provide a forum in which expert peers criticise and discuss the efforts of digital editors in order to improve current practices and advance future developments. It will do so by asking its reviewers to pay attention not only to the traditional virtues and vices of any edition, but also to the progressing methodology and its technical implications. Read more about RIDE in our editorial.

Issue 14: Scholarly Editions (November 2021)

Issue 13: Scholarly Editions (December 2020)

Issue 12: Scholarly Editions (Correspondence) (July 2020)

Issue 11: Tools and Environments (January 2020)

Issue 10: Scholarly Editions (Correspondence) (June 2019)

Issue 9: Text Collections (November 2018)

Issue 8: Text Collections (February 2018)

Issue 7: Scholarly Editions (December 2017)

Issue 6: Text Collections (September 2017)

Issue 5: Scholarly Editions (February 2017)

Issue 4: Scholarly Editions (June 2016)

Issue 3: Scholarly Editions (November 2015)

Issue 2: Scholarly Editions (December 2014)

Issue 1: Scholarly Editions (June 2014)


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