Monday, March 29, 2021

Using Logeion: Quick Guide

Here at Kosmos Society we have been continuing our exploration of the digital tools that help us in the translation study groups and for carrying out word searches and word studies. Many of us have made use of Logeion, for both Greek and Latin. This online reference has a number of useful features, and provides access to lexicons and dictionaries in a selection of languages other than English. It also includes references to a number of Greek and Latin textbooks (including Hansen & Quinn and Wheelock, which we are using at Kosmos Society), making it ideal for learners and students.
Logeion is available online in a browser version; but additionally for those with iPad or iPhone you can download it as a free app and use it offline.

This community-generated video demonstration and the associated Quick Guide show a few examples of its functionality, and are designed to encourage you to try it for yourselves during the course of your studies and researches. Please note that this demonstration is based on the browser version; for the app on iPad and iPhone please view the screenshots on the Logeion site.

This downloadable handout provides worked examples fully illustrated with screenshots for you to try out for yourselves.

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