Monday, March 22, 2021

Online Exhibition: The Countless Aspects of Beauty

A few words about the exhibition

Enigmatic and charming, beauty as a concept captivates the human mind and accompanies it through the centuries. Appealing and pleasing to the senses, beauty is perceptible in the art of all periods, sealing with its constant alternations and its countless aspects the human creation. The exhibition focuses on and highlights the aesthetic dimension of the ancient works, inviting at the same time the spectator to look for the spiritual basis of aesthetic choices.

The exhibition narrative unfolds in four parts, unraveling the thread that transcends human creativity: Beauty.

In «Aesthetica Aeterna» we see on display selected objects of everyday life that record the continuous alternations and different facets of aesthetics in human diachrony.

«The Beautiful and the Desirable» attempts an essential approach to the aesthetic preferences of the ancient societies on the basis of what the ancient Greek myths reveal about beauty and the archaeological finds that relate to clothing, hairstyles and beautification.

The third part titled «Focusing on the Body» illustrates the expression of beauty in the visual rendering of the human body from the Neolithic period to Historic times.

At the end, «The Endless Quest» aims at the aesthetic contemplation on the significance of the beautiful and its value for humans.

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