Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Titivillus: spellchecking for Latin and Ancient Greek


Titivillus adds spellchecking for Latin and Ancient Greek to Microsoft Word on Microsoft Windows. Once it is installed, you can spellcheck Latin and Ancient Greek just as you spellcheck any modern language. Titivillus not only flags possible mistakes, but also gives you suggestions for possible corrections and allows you to add entries to a personal dictionary. Titivillus is free of charge.


Titivillus is free of charge. For the exact license, refer to the installation file. Most importantly, there is no warranty or liability whatsoever.

The creators of Titivillus

Philippe Basciano coded Titivillus. He has been working as a professional developer in international companies for a long while. His contribution to scholarship and the protection of the Breton language is An Drouizig Technologies.

Marjorie Burghart from CNRS (UMR 5648 CIHAM, Lyon, France) is a medievalist and digital humanist. We owe several crucial Digital Humanities initiatives to her, including the TEI Critical Apparatus Toolbox and Enigma.

Federico Boschetti from CNR’s Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale and the Venice Centre for Digital and Public Humanities is an accomplished Digital Humanities scholar.

Peter Riedlberger is a classicist and IT aficionado. He's interested in late antique legislation and the Acts of Ecumenical Councils, among other things.


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