Thursday, January 28, 2021

The Beazley Notebooks Project

The Beazley Notebooks Project

This page offers online access to 154 digitized notebooks used by Sir John Beazley, mainly in the earlier part of his career, between around 1910 and 1930, as he travelled around the world's collections of Attic vases. Also included is a notebook of Nicolas Plaoutine, documenting nineteenth-century sales of vases. The Beazley Notebooks Project has been made possible by the generosity of donors.

Note: Beazley often included several collections in one notebook. His sequences of page-numbers correspond to the separate collections rather than the individual notebooks themselves. To avoid confusion, the database numbers pages consistently, starting with the front cover of each book and proceeding systematically to the end. As an exact facsimile, it includes blank pages. Note also that Beazley sometimes turned notebooks upside when writing particular sections. To rotate the pages, first zoom in to open the IIP Image viewer. Then press R or SHIFT + R to rotate right/left.

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