Friday, January 22, 2021

The Ramesses III (KV 11) Publication and Conservation Project

Our project was developed since 2011 and officially founded in 2016, its main objectives being the publication and conservation of the tomb of Ramesses III in the Valley of the Kings (KV 11). Since 2017, it holds the concession of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities to study the tomb. The project is officially based at Humboldt-University of Berlin and cooperates with the universities of Luxor and Qena. The long-term project combines traditional philological and archaeological research with more recent methods such as photogrammetry and virtual reality. Along with continuous fieldwork, a major focus lies on archival research that allows us to reconstruct the decoration programme of the tomb. Moreover, the project follows an interdisciplinary approach, integrating geological, petrological and hydrological studies in order to develop a strategy to preserve and protect this important part of the Egyptian World heritage. 



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