Wednesday, January 13, 2021

New in ISAW Papers: Linked Open Data for the Ancient Mediterranean: Structures, Practices, Prospects

ISAW Papers 20 (2021)

Linked Open Data for the Ancient Mediterranean: Structures, Practices, Prospects
Sarah E. Bond, Paul Dilley, and Ryan Horne


Abstract: This collection presents case studies written by principal investigators of, or contributors to, various digital projects related to the ancient Mediterranean world which use Linked Open Data (LOD) or are informed by its principles. Some of the chapters are based on presentations given at the “Linking the Big Ancient Mediterranean” conference at the University of Iowa in summer 2016. As a group, the contributions cover a wide variety of geographic regions and forms of evidence, and discuss data structures as they relate to a number of sub-disciplines within the study of the ancient world.

Library of Congress Subjects: Semantic Web--Congresses; Linked data--Congresses.
Table of Contents

    Sarah E. Bond, Paul Dilley, and Ryan Horne - Introducing the Semantic Web and Linked Open Data

    Ryan Horne - Applying Linked Open Data Standards

    Adam Rabinowitz - Time for Linked Open Data

    Gabriel Bodard - Linked Open Data for Ancient Names and People

    Hannah Scates Kettler - Linked Open Data for 3D Models and Environments

    Ethan Gruber and Andrew Meadows - Numismatics and Linked Open Data

    Pietro Maria Liuzzo - Linked Open Data Based on La Syntaxe du Codex for Manuscripts in Beta maṣāḥǝft

    Thomas Koentges, Christopher Blackwell, Gregory Crane, Neel Smith, and James Tauber - The CITE Architecture: Q & A Regarding CTS and CITE

    Alison Babeu and Paul Dilley - Linked Open Data for Greek and Latin Authors and Works

    David Michelson - Using Linked Open Data to Model Cultural Heritage Information: The Research Questions and Data Structures of the Knowledge Graph

    Ryan Baumann - Linked Open Data for Papyrology

    Anne Hunnell Chen and Jamie Folsom - Origins and Antidotes of Omission: Southeastern European Archaeology, Linked Open Data, and the Possibilities for Archaeological Integration

    Sebastian Heath - Applied Use of JSON, GeoJSON, JSON-LD, SPARQL, and IPython Notebooks for Representing and Interacting with Small Datasets

ISAW Papers (ISSN 2164-1471) is a publication of the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University.

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