Thursday, November 5, 2020

Syrian Heritage Project

Syrian Heritage Project

Welcome to the virtual platform of the Syrian Heritage Initiatives of the Museum for Islamic Art/ Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.  Here, you can explore, learn about and get in touch with Syria´s unique cultural landscape.

Syria is a diverse country with the world´s oldest inhabited cities, very different landscapes and important archaeological sites. Together with its rich traditions, diverse cultures and orally-transmitted knowledge it forms a living mosaic of cultural traditions, customs, different languages, ethnicities and religions. This cultural richness is unique and deserves to be preserved for future generations. 


The Syrian Initiatives is a network of different projects of the Museum for Islamic Art/ Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, focusing on various topics related to Syrian heritage. Together, our aim is to document, preserve and present the richness of Syrian heritage for everyone. The following projects contribute to the content of this website:

  • Syrian Heritage Archive Project

In 2013, the Museum for Islamic Art/ Staatliche Museen zu Berlin and the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) started the project as a response to the destructions through the war. It was intended to have a digital place of safe storage for future generations. The Syrian Heritage Archive Project works in digitising and archiving photo collections and research data on Syria. Read more about this project

  • Interactive Heritage Map of Syria

The Interactive Heritage Map of Syria seeks to document intangible aspects of heritage by bringing the focus back to the people creating their heritage. It aims to present cultural expressions, traditional knowledge and people ́s memories from Syria, linking it to the material of the other Syrian Initiatives. Read more about this project

  • Built Heritage Documentation

The Built Heritage Documentation arose out of the work of the Syrian Heritage Archive and aims to document and assess the destruction of architectural built heritage in Aleppo caused by the present war. It further gathers this detailed knowledge to be used for planning reconstruction measures. More under this link

  • Aleppo Heritage Catalogue

Aleppo Heritage Catalogue is a project on historical and architectural documentation of monuments in the world heritage site of Aleppo. It seeks a scientific and practical inquiry, aims for knowledge mobilization and cultural advocacy, to help communities in Aleppo recognize, celebrate, support and preserve their cultural heritage.  Read more about this project

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