Thursday, November 19, 2020

Black-Centered Resources for Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Editorial Team:

Dora Gao (@doraygao)

Jayden Lloyd (@jayll_arch)

Nadhira Hill (@nadhirawho)

Sam Ross (@SamJ_Ross)

Zoé Elise Thomas (@riththewarluid)

This document was created in response to the need within Classics (here called Ancient Mediterranean Studies) to address our role within the perpetuation of the myth of Western Civilization and engage in Black theory and scholarship to make our discipline more diverse and inclusive. It is currently curated by graduate students, who are not able to spend the all the time needed for the curation/organization of this doc; we appreciate your patience!


The resources included here are intended as a reference to highlight and promote the work and scholarship of Black thinkers. As such, we have only presented the work of Black scholars in the field of Ancient Mediterranean Studies and AMS-adjacent fields, though we acknowledge that many non-Black scholars have contributed important work to questions of race, ethnicity, and Blackness in antiquity. There are a variety of excellent resources already available to those looking to diversify their research and classroom in this regard, such as the MRECC’s Principles of Antiracist Teaching and Reflection. We do not wish to repeat that work. Recognizing the unique lack of representation and citation of Black scholars who study the Ancient Mediterranean, this document is meant to promote Black voices within our field and the academy.

Please feel free to add any resources by Black scholars that have not yet been included in the “Place Suggestions Here!” section. The editorial team will review your suggestions and add them to the proper sections. Thank you for contributing!!

PS: if there already exists a resource like this, please let me know so I can promote and center that one instead of this one, especially if it is run by a scholar of color. If you have any concerns about the scholarship listed here (or about the phrasing of the introduction) please feel free to leave a comment on the document. If you don’t want to leave a comment publicly, please feel free to send a DM to @riththewarluid

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