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Open Access (Mostly) Monograph Series: Syro-Mesopotamian Studies

 [First posted in AWOL 8 January 2018, updated 20 November 2020]

Syro-Mesopotamian Studies
ISSN: 0732-6483

A series devoted to the study of the civilizations of ancient Iraq and Syria from late prehistory to the First Millennium B.C., providing an outlet for the publication of primary sources and a forum for the archaeological, historical, and linguistic analysis of pertinent phenomena.

1/1. Syro-Mesopotanian Studies: A Preface.

G. Buccellati and M. Kelly-Buccellati

Thoughts about Ibla.

I. J. Gelb.


1/2. An Archaic Recording System and the Origin of Writing.

D. Schmandt-Besserat.


1/3. TPR 1: General Introduction and the Stratigraphic Record of the First Two Seasons.

G. Buccellati and M. Kelly-Buccellati.

Out of print

1/4. TPR 2: A Cuneiform Tablet of the Early Second Millennium B.C.

G. Buccellati.


1/5. TPR 3: Object Typology of the Second Season: The Third and Second Millennia.

M. Kelly-Buccellati and L. Mount Williams.


1/6. TPR 4: A Typology of Ceramic Vessels of the Third and Second Millennia from the First Two Seasons.

M. Kelly-Buccellati and W. R. Shelby.


2/1. The Rabbeans.

M. C. Astour.


2/2. The Royal Palace of Ebla.

P. Matthiae.


2/3. The Neo-Sumerian Silver Ring Texts.

P. Michalowski.


2/4. The Syrian Archaeological Expedition to Tell Al’Abd Zrejehey: Clay Figurines of the Third Millennium B.C.

K. Toueir.

Out of print

2/5. TPR 5: Die Industrie der Islamischen Keramik aus der zweiten Season.

A. Mahmoud.


2/6. TPR 6: The Third Season: Introduction and the Stratigraphic Record.

G. Buccellati and M. Kelly-Buccellati.


2/7. TPR 7: Les documents épigraphiques de la troisième saison.

O. Rouault.


3/1. Catalogue des sceaux-cylinders d'Adana.

O. Tunca.

Review Article of BM 6.

P. Amiet.


3/2. TPR 8: Object Typology of the Third Season: The Third and Second Millennia.

L. Mount-Williams.


3/3. Les niveaux supérieurs du Tell Abou Danné, Chantier A-1977/78

R. Tefnin.


3/4. TPR 11: Sourcing Techniques for Ceramics and Soils.

N. M. Magalousis et al.


4/1. Mesopotamian Guideline for Biblical Chronology.

J. Reade.

Out of print

4/2. Alalakah Levels VI and V: A Chronological Reassessment.

M. Carre Gates.


4/3. The Descent of Inanna as a Ritual Journey to Kutha.

G. Buccellati.

A Catalogue of Near Eastern Venus Deities.

W. Heimpel.


4/4. Qraya Modular Reports, 1: Early Soundings.

K. Simpson.


5/1. Mozan 2: The Epigraphic Finds of the Sixth Season.

L. Milano.


Online version

5/2. Five Tablets from the Southern Wing of Palace G at Ebla.

Alfonso Archi.


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