Thursday, November 26, 2020

Eighth International Symposium “Monitoring of Mediterranean Coastal Areas. Problems and Measurement Techniques”

Livorno (Italy) June 2020

Edited by:

Laura Bonora
CNR-IBE Institute of BioEconomy, Italy - ORCID: 0000-0002-1259-1210

Donatella Carboni
University of Sassari, Italy - ORCID: 0000-0002-1050-3344

Matteo De Vincenzi
CNR-IBE, Institute of BioEconomy, Italy - ORCID: 0000-0002-5698-4286

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DOI: 10.36253/978-88-5518-147-1 Series: Proceedings e report ISSN 2704-601X (print) - ISSN 2704-5846 (online)

The 8th International Symposium "Monitoring of Mediterranean Coastal Areas. Problems and Measurements Techniques" was organized by CNR-IBE in collaboration with FCS Foundation, and Natural History Museum of the Mediterranean and under the patronage of University of Florence, Accademia dei Geogofili, Tuscany Region and Livorno Province. It is the occasion in which scholars can illustrate and exchange their activities and innovative proposals, with common aims to promote actions to preserve coastal marine environment. Considering Symposium interdisciplinary nature, the Scientific Committee, underlining this holistic view of Nature, decided to celebrate Alexander von Humboldt; a nature scholar that proposed the organic and inorganic nature’s aspects as a single system. It represents a sign of continuity considering that in-presence Symposium could not be carried out due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Subjects are related to coastal topics: morphology; flora and fauna; energy production; management and integrated protection; geography and landscape, cultural heritage and environmental assets, legal and economic aspects.

Session Underwater and Coastal Cultural Heritage
Session Coastline Geography and Coastal Landscapes: territorial dynamics and integrated protection
Session Morphology and evolution of coastlines and seabeds
Session Flora and Fauna of the littoral system: dynamics and protection
Session Coastal Environmental Engineering: pollution, energy production, monitoring and economic environmental assessment, regulatory context
Pierfranco Ventura, Manlio Palmarocchi New coastal protection and sea energy production
pp. 723-735 DOI: 10.36253/978-88-5518-147-1.72 CC BY 4.0



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