Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Open Access Journal: Archiv orientální

 [First posted in AWOL 18 May 2011, updated 22 July 2020]

Archiv orientální
ISSN: 0044-8699
Oriental Archive is a general journal dealing with the Oriental and African studies in the broad sense. It has been continuously in print since its founding in 1929.

Starting with the volume 79 (2011), the Journal appears triannually.

We publish articles dealing with the history, religion and languages of the relevant Oriental and African cultures. We strongly believe that a general journal with a long and respectful tradition, such as ours, is an important complement to a list of specialized journals. We deliberately try to challenge the current trend of hyper-specialization common in some domains of Oriental studies, emphasizing the necessity of thematic and regional contextualization, particularly in the fields that are new or less frequent. Emphasis upon the preservation of a forum for Oriental and African studies serving largely (but not exclusively) the needs of the European authors, notably the junior scholars among them, and the European academic audience is another important aspect of our editorial policy.

While English is our preferred language, we simultaneously publish articles and book reviews in French and German. Non-native speakers of these languages are provided with proofreading facilities for free!

Unlike some big publishing houses, we still adhere to the tenets of good old-fashioned partnership between the editor and the author, namely the personal contact and the state of the art reproduction of a variety of fonts and characters in accordance with the authors' wishes.

All articles submitted to the journal are peer-reviewed anonymously.
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  1. Do you know if the 1993 volumes will be made available?

    1. Hi Luis, If you click through on the journal title, you'll find that the 1993 volume is accessible. I will update the entry in AWOL

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