Wednesday, May 11, 2016

ACOR Lectures on YouTube

ACOR Lectures on YouTube
ACOR recently began to audio record the public lectures and present that recording, together with the original lecture slides, on YouTube. This is fantastic for our supporters who couldn't attend the public lecture but still wish to listen to the speaker and see the material that they presented. Several lectures are online now and more will be uploaded as they become available. Please click on the links below to listen. 

9.March.2016            Drs. Lichtenberger & Raja     "New Research in Jerash," edited by J. Schryver.
10.February.2016       Dr. Andrew McCarthy           "Recipes for Public Archaeology," edited by J. Schryver.
27.January.2016        Dr. Konstantinos Politis        "Sugar, Safi and SCHEP,"  edited by J. Schryver.
16.December.2015     Dr. Győző Vörös                  "Excavations of the Fortified Royal Palace of Machaerus," edited by J. Schryver.

20.October.2015        Dr. Gary Rollefson                "A Kinder, Greener Black Desert," edited by B. Cutter.
ACOR especially acknowledges the invaluable assistance of student interns from the CIEE and the Amideast program in Jordan, notably Blake Cutter, ACOR intern in the Fall of 2015, and Julia Schryver, ACOR intern in the Spring of 2016.  These young people worked hard to make these materials available online using Audacity and Microsoft Movie Maker.

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