Friday, July 17, 2020

Forthcoming Open Access Journal: Global Antiquities (GA)

Global Antiquities (GA)
Global Antiquities
Global Antiquities (GA) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal dedicated to promoting academic work at the crossroads of Classics and Global Studies. The journal publishes research that engages scholars of ancient and modern worlds in dialogue about globalization and its effects, both historical and contemporary. Poverty, war, xenophobia, nationalism, migration, terrorism, imperialism, racism: these are major issues in global history shaped powerfully by the contexts in which they occur. GA welcomes submissions of research articles, book reviews, review articles, translations, and commentaries by scholars seeking to understand and illuminate global issues through time, from antiquity to the present day. We view as “global” those features of human societies throughout history that cross real or imagined boundaries (geographic, chronological, cultural) and destabilize the primacy of the “state” or “nation” as the fundamental unit of analysis in world history. These “global” features are sometimes described processually as “flows” or “movements”, at other times statically as “systems” or “structures”. GA publishes work that challenges historical narratives of separateness rooted in a national imaginary, with narratives of interconnectivity and mobility made possible by globalization.

Submissions may only be made through the journal website by registered users. At the moment, GA accepts submissions in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish (though all titles and abstracts will be translated into English). We also welcome proposals for edited special issues bringing together articles on a single subject. Prospective authors and editors should consult the Submission page for proposal guidelines and further instructions.

For general queries about the journal please contact the editorial board at this email address:

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