Friday, June 26, 2020

Zoom workshop "Recent Developments in Digital Assyriology"

Zoom workshop "Recent Developments in Digital Assyriology"

When: 26th August 2020 16.00-19.30 and 27th of August 2020 16.00-19.30
(all Helsinki times)
Where: Everywhere, open for registered participants
Organizer: Prof. Saana Svärd

Hosted by: Centre of Excellence in Ancient Near Eastern Empires
(ANEE), University of Helsinki

Now that conference travel has ground almost to a total standstill,
ANEE’s Team 1 (“Digital Humanities Approaches”) is pleased to invite
you to a Zoom event: “Recent Developments in Digital Assyriology”.
During the workshop, Digital Assyriology projects will present their
work, both WIP and finished. The focus of the workshop is particularly
on text based studies. General themes for presentations include:
producing electronic text data, annotating texts, visualizing textual
information, and using the text data. Prof. Niek Veldhuis from
Berkeley will keynote the event with the presentation titled “Changing
the Business of Assyriology: Data and Data Analysis.” Full program
will be announced in the beginning of August in ANEE web pages

The event is open to registered audience members and there will be
time for audience questions. Timetable allows scholars to participate
from US and Canada as well. Anyone interested in the event should fill
in the e-registration form:
Registration closes on the 19th of August>.

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