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 [First posted in AWOL 31 March 2013, updated 1 June 2020]

The Latin Online Word Lookup (LatinOWL) is an iOS app that, by using data from the Perseus Latin Word Tool, allows a user to lookup any Latin word, locate the root (i.e. nominative noun/adjective or the 1st person singular present active indicative for verbs), and parse the entered form. It gives all possible forms for the word entered. This tool also links the roots to the online Lewis & Short dictionary from Perseus, and also from that dictionary, provides links to all the works in the Perseus database that are quoted in the dictionary.
The program is copyright 2013 Scot Mcphee.
  • Many thanks must go to Matt Gallagher of CocoaWithLove for the 'XPathQuery' class used in this project. I am very glad he built that wrapper around libxml2 and not me.
  • This project also uses the 'Reachability' class from Apple.
##Open Source Licence
Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Australia License.
Important legal information follows. You are legally obligated to obey these license terms:
  1. You must credit the software to me, i.e. Scot Mcphee or or something similar.
  2. Your derivate source code must be in a public git repository.
  3. It must have these same licence conditions attached to it (this includes your 'derivate works' i.e. modification that you make - they must also carry this same licence).
  4. Please note that the 'non commercial' aspect of this licence means that you cannot sell a binary based on a derivate of this source code in the iTunes App Store (free is fine).
  5. This licence does not apply to source files I have included from other sources (see Notice). Those sources have copyright and licence conditions which are individually indicated at the top of the relevant file. It also obviously doesn't apply to Apple components which are linked to the binary at the compilation/linking build stage (etcetera), or anything else of that nature which I have no legal right to impose this licence on.
  6. This text does not supercede the legalese in the linked licence detail; it's just a plain-English explanation of it's implications.

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