Monday, June 1, 2020

Teaching Classics in the Digital Age

Teaching Classics in the Digital Age
About the Congress
Digital media provide new possibilities for teaching and outreach in Classics. But how can we best make use of the new technologies, both at university and in communicating with the broader public? ​
The conference Teaching Classics in the Digital Age aims at presenting current approaches to digital teaching and sharing best practices by bringing together different projects and practitioners from all fields of Classics (including Classical Archaeology, Greek and Latin Studies and Ancient History).
Furthermore, it aims at starting a discussion about principles, problems and the future of teaching Classics in the 21st century within and beyond its single fields.
We consider the following as key questions:
​ - How can digital methods and research approaches be implemented in teaching at university level? - Which technical possibilities are suitable for digital teaching and how can they be used successfully?
- What are the limitations of and obstacles for applying digital teaching methods in Classics?
- How can digital methods help us to reach out to teachers and students at primary and secondary schools as well as to the broader public?
- How can digital methods contribute to the dissemination of Classics as part of a lifelong education?
​ The virtual meeting room is accessible under: (ZOOM Meeting-ID: 823 7777 8816) by entering the password 150620.
Participation in the conference is free. In order to estimate the required technical capacities, please register at: and/or

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