Monday, June 15, 2020

Open Access Journal: British Museum Technical Research Bulletin

[First posted in AWOL 25 November 2013, updated 15 June 2020 (new URLs)]
British Museum Technical Research Bulletin (BMTRB)
ISSN: 1755-814X
The Technical Research Bulletin publishes the results of collaborative work by the British Museum's curators, conservators and scientists covering a broad range of objects and materials from across the Museum’s collection.

Published once a year, each issue aims to encompass objects from different continents, historical periods and material types. The Bulletin is designed to appeal both to those with a general interest in the Museum’s collections and those with a specialist interest who wish to broaden their horizons.

Volume 1

Examines some of the different material aspects of objects in the Museum collection.
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Volume 2

Detailing the assessment, examination, treatment and analysis of objects from across the Museum’s collections and beyond.
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Volume 3

Shedding light on cultures from the ancient civilisations of the world.
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Volume 4

Papers on exploring the evidence for cultural transmission and trade to questions of object attribution and authenticity.
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Volume 5

Articles reflecting the chronological depth and geographical breadth of the British Museum collection.
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Volume 6

Articles highlighting the reasons behind technical examination and analysis.
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Volume 7

Showcasing research and conservation projects that advance our understanding of the history, technology and treatment of objects.
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Volume 8

Volume 9

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  • A Great Lakes pouch of black-dyed skin with porcupine quillwork: an update
  • A metallographic study of some debased silver coinage of Henry VIII
  • Scientific examination of the Roman ring-pommel sword said to be from Pevensey, East Sussex
  • Conservation treatment and technical observations on two objects from the Waddesdon Bequest with life castings
  • The conservation and technical investigation of a hollow-cast Egyptian bronze
  • Developing a passive approach to the conservation of naturally mummified human remains from the Fourth Cataract region of the Nile Valley
  • Early Byzantine glass weights: aspects of function, typology and composition
  • Ancient Egyptian funerary food; new insights
  • Tools for eternity: pre-Columbian workbaskets as textile production toolkits and grave offerings
  • The Admonitions Scroll: condition, treatment and housing 1903–2014
  • A fresh assessment of a small stone plaque from China

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