Sunday, November 17, 2019

Multilingual DH

Multilingual DH
Multilingual DH is a loosely-organized international network of scholars using digital humanities tools and methods on languages other than English. We work in many environments, including academia, libraries, museums, and beyond, but share the goal of raising the visibility of scholarship in and about many languages.
DH scholarship is frequently criticised as being "English-centric" and therefore culturally and technologically biased. This bias takes many forms, from the lack of awareness of DH scholarship from non-Anglophone countries, to the lack of robust tools for working with non-Latin scripts.
This website, and its associated GitHub organization and mailing list, provides space to share their achievements, failures, resources, and good practices for working with multi-lingual and multi-script data. To participate, please join the conversation on the mailing list!
We'll be looking for feedback soon on a SIG (Special Interest Group) proposal to ADHO, and a working group proposal to DARIAH.

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