Saturday, November 30, 2019

Modern Classicisms

Modern Classicisms
What is it about ancient Greek and Roman art that still captivates and provokes the modern imagination? How can contemporary art help us to see the classical tradition with new eyes? And what can modern-day responses – set against the backdrop of others over the last two millennia – tell us about our own cultural preoccupations?
Modern Classicisms sets out to explore these and other questions by bringing together classicists, art historians, critics and artists. The project commenced in August 2017: activities have included a workshop on 10 November 2017, and an exhibition in spring 2018This project comes about thanks to the generous support of Christian Levett and the Mougins Museum of Classical Art, with additional support from the Department of Classics and Faculty of Arts and Humanities at King’s College London. King’s is proud to be working with other external collaborative partners, including the Courtauld Institute of Art and Minerva (The International Review of Ancient Art and Archaeology).

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