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New from the Oriental Institute: OIP 142. The Great Hypostyle Hall in the Temple of Amun at Karnak

OIP 142. The Great Hypostyle Hall in the Temple of Amun at Karnak

OIP142-Great-Hypostyle-Hall-part3-9781614910275.jpgBy Peter J. Brand, Rosa Erika Feleg, and William J. Murnane

Standing at the heart of Karnak Temple, the Great Hypostyle Hall is a forest of 134 giant sandstone columns enclosed by massive walls. Sety I built the Great Hypostyle Hall ca. 1300 BCE and decorated the northern wing with exquisite bas reliefs. After his death, his successor Ramesses II completed the southern wing mostly in sunk relief. This volume provides full translation, epigraphic analysis, and photographic documentation of the elaborate wall reliefs inside the Hall. This vast trove of ritual art and texts attest to the richness and vitality of Egyptian civilization at the height of its imperial power. The present volume builds upon and serves as a companion to an earlier volume of drawings of the wall scenes made by Harold H. Nelson in the 1950s and edited for publication by William J. Murnane in 1981. 

Table of Contents, part 2 (translation and commentary)

List of Symbols and Abbreviations

List of Plans



1. Constructing and Decorating the Great Hypostyle Hall

2. The Character and Chronology of the Relief Decoration of Sety I and Ramesses II in the Great Hypostyle Hall

3. General Characteristics of Nelson’s Drawings

4. Translation and Commentary

West Wall, Gateway (Plates 1–4, 41 left, 131–34, 262)

West Wall, South Wing (Plates 5–41)

South Wall (Plates 42–87)

South Wall, West Wing (Plates 42–53)

South Wall, Gateway (Plates 54–61, 87)

South Wall, East Wing (Plates 62–79, 80–86)

East Wall, South Wing (Plates 88–109, 130)

West Wall, North Wing (Plates 135–70)

North Wall (Plates 171–201)

North Wall, West Wing (Plates 171–81)

North Wall, East Wing (Plates 188–201)

North Wall, Gateway (Plates 182–87)

East Wall, North Wing (Plates 202–32)

Vestibule of the Third Pylon (Plates 110–30 + 261, 233–57 + 265)

Eastern Vestibule, North Wing (Plates 233–57, 265)

Eastern Vestibule, South Wing (Plates 110–30, 261)


Appendix A: Color on the Hieroglyphs

Appendix B: Cartouches and Horus Names

Appendix C: Protection Formulae

Table of Contents, part 3 (figures and plates)

List of Figures

List of Plates

Figures 1–373

Plates 1–265

  • Oriental Institute Publications 142
  • Chicago: The Oriental Institute, 2019
  • ISBN 978-1-61491-027-5
  • Part 2: pp. xvi + 432; Part 3: pp. xxiv + 328
  • 373 figures (some in color); 265 plates; 15 plans
  • Hardback, 9” x 11.75”
  • $99.95 (includes both part 2 [translation and commentary] and part 3 [figures and plates])

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