Wednesday, February 4, 2015


NoDictionaries is a new way to read dozens of Latin authors and any other Latin you type in
A bit further detail
I’ve just graduated from grad school, and this was my Master’s project. It helped me read much faster, and it also helped me have more fun reading, and less time flipping through a dictionary. Enjoy! Please let me know what you think.
Much thanks to those who have shaped the development including Prof Susan Setnik, Prof Gregory Crane, Prof Betsey Halpern, Prof Steven Hirsch, and all of the undergrad and grad student usability testers, including the Fall 2008 Latin 3 class, especially Kevin Hillburn, EJ Testa, Emeka Nwabuzor, Ryan Zuckman, and Cori Russo, Alan Mui, Dan Zhen, Kwaku Osei-Tutu, and Ian Drummond, Molly Gayton, Leonora Mahler, Zachary Fenno, and many more. A further deep debt of gratitude to William Whitaker, for his Words, and to The Latin Library. Icons of monitor, projector, and printer copyright the Oxygen Project, licensed under the GPL.

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