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Open Access Journal: Zograf

 [First posted in AWOL 20 October 2011, updated 14March 2019]

ISSN: 0350-1361
eISSN: 2406-0755
The journal Zograf. A Journal of Medieval Art is dedicated to medieval art and architecture.

The journal began to come out in 1966.

The journal Zograf publishes original papers that have not been published previously (scientific articles and reviews). Zograf is an Open Access journal.

Contributions to journal shall be submitted in Еnglish, Fench, Greek, German, Italian, Russian and Serbian, with summaries in English and Serbian.

The Journal is issued once a year.

The journal is indexed in Thomson Reuters Web of Science, Arts and Humanities Citation Index.

Digital copies of the journal are archived in the Digital Repository of the National Library of Serbia.
The transfiguration at Shivta. Retracing early Byzantine iconography
Maayan-Fanar Emma
Zograf, 2017 (41):1-18
Details  Full text ( 1772 KB)

A note on two unpublished Coptic textiles from Belgrade
Erdeljan Jelena
Zograf, 2017 (41):19-24
Details  Full text ( 546 KB)

Beards that matter. Visual representations of Patriarch Ignatios in Byzantine art
Krsmanović Bojana, Milanović Ljubomir
Zograf, 2017 (41):25-36
Details  Full text ( 1852 KB)

Early church of the middle Byzantine period and the relics of St. Tryphon in Kotor
Stevović Ivan
Zograf, 2017 (41):37-50
Details  Full text ( 809 KB)

A sanctuary screen from the island of Koločep
Babić Valentina
Zograf, 2017 (41):51-75
Details  Full text ( 1499 KB)

The Siena relic of St John the Baptist’s right arm
Popović Danica
Zograf, 2017 (41):77-94
Details  Full text ( 929 KB)

Pope Pius II’s charter of donation of the arm of St John the Baptist to Siena cathedral
Joksimović Milena
Zograf, 2017 (41):95-105
Details  Full text ( 631 KB)

Bezirana kilisesi (Cappadoce). Un exceptionnel décor paléologue en terres de Rūm. Nouveau témoignage sur les relations entre Byzance et le sultanat
Jolivet-Lévy Catherine
Zograf, 2017 (41):107-142
Details  Full text ( 5675 KB)

Figures of mounted warrior saints in medieval Crete. The representation of the equestrian Saint George “Thalassoperatis” at Diavaide in Heraklion
Bormpoudaki Maria
Zograf, 2017 (41):143-156
Details  Full text ( 1848 KB)

Relief panels on a three-light window from Lesnovo. Proposing an interpretation of the semiotics of carved motifs
Gabelić Smiljka
Zograf, 2017 (41):157-168
Details  Full text ( 829 KB)

Ikone iz Kostura slikara Jovana iz Gramoste
Cigaridas Eftimios N.
Zograf, 2017 (41):169-188
Details  Full text ( 4253 KB)

The synthronon and locus inferior (αρχιερατικός θρόνος) of the metropolitan of Požega. Liturgical furniture and wall paintings of the Orahovica Monastery
Radujko Milan
Zograf, 2017 (41):189-212
Details  Full text ( 2695 KB)

Specific research of Serbian Byzantine influence in Poland. Frescoes in the Monastery in Supraśl
Matanović Velimir
Zograf, 2017 (41):213-226
Details  Full text ( 1673 KB)

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