Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary News

ePSD2 Public Beta 3 (built 2018-10-23)
Welcome to the new version of the electronic Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary, ePSD2. Here we provide listings of over 12,000 Sumerian words, phrases and names, occurring in almost 100,000 distinct forms a total of over 2.27 million times in the corpus of texts indexed for the Dictionary. The corpus covers, directly or indirectly, about 100,000 of the 134,000+ known Sumerian texts.
ePSD2 is organized as a glossary with a collection of subprojects providing the corpora. You can browse the subprojects and their individual glossaries, or you can work with the entire ePSD2 glossary and corpus by using the top-level ePSD2 project.
ePSD2 is a work in progress. See the News page for what changes between the releases, and see the What's Next? pagefor some of the things we are planning.
Here's a list of the things you can find here:

Glossaries and Tools


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