Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Open Access Journal: The Asbury Journal

The Asbury Journal
ISSN: 2375-6330 (Print)
ISSN: 2375-5814 (Online)
The Asbury Journal publishes scholarly essays and book reviews written from a Wesleyan perspective. The Journal's authors and audience reflect the global reality of the Christian church, the holistic nature of Wesleyan thought, and the importance of both theory and practice in addressing the current issues of the day. Authors include Wesleyan scholars, scholars of Wesleyanism/Methodism, and scholars writing on issues of theological and theological education importance.

Current Issue: Volume 73, Number 2 (2018) Fall

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From the Editor
Robert Danielson


A Response to Brent Strawn
Kimberly Bracken Long


Is the Old Testament Dying? An Academic Discussion
David B. Schreiner, Kimberly Bracken Long, Murray Vasser, Clinton J. Moyer, Brent A. Strawn, and Brad Haggard

Book Review

Book Reviews
Shawn P. Behan, Rabbi David J. Zucker, Bud Simon, Zachariah S. Motts, Matthew Hawgen, J. R. Wright, and Michael Whitcomb-Tavey

News Article

Books Received

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