Thursday, October 11, 2018

Open Access Journal: Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Journal

[First posted in AWOL 14 April 2014, updated  (new URLs)11 October 2018]

Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Journal
ISSN: 2373-5937
The Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Journal (ISSN 2373-5937) is a peer-reviewed online journal with a variety of features intended to make research attractive and accessible to a broad spectrum of readers, from scholars to curious young people.
Contributions representing a variety of classical topics and conventions have been made available along with tools that an online audience can use to engage with and respond to the ideas presented. These contributions form the starting point for a broad range of conversations, dialogues, with the online community.
Because the articles begin and evolve in a digital medium, they incorporate a wide variety of materials in different media, including images, videos, podcasts, links to other online resources, interactive features, and other types of data. We encourage the inclusion of multimedia content, and welcome the opportunity to move beyond the limitations of a traditional print publication. Multimedia content, coupled with online interaction, provides an opportunity for much more than a conversation.
The e-journal will serve as a medium of scholarly publication. All comments and annotations will go through an editorial process before they appear as contributions to discourses.


“The Societal and Intellectual Barriers to a Unified Microbial Theory in Ancient Greece and Rome”
Miranda Ginder, University of Sciences
“The Shifting Importance of Animals for the Ancient Medical Practitioner”
Shannon Johnson-Finn, Franklin & Marshall College
“Galenic Medicine: The beginning of the formation of pediatric medicine”
Yiting Liu, Franklin & Marshall College
“The Term ἄτη as it Denotes Depressive μελαγχολία: The Two Aspects of μελαγχολία in Classical Texts”
Maya C. Locker, Franklin & Marshall College
“Regulating the human genes in antiquity: Plato’s and Aristotle’s Eugenics”
Triet Nguyen, Franklin & Marshall College
“The Concept of Heredity: The Pre-Socratics through Galen”
Alex Pinsk, Franklin & Marshall College
“The Nature of Healing at the Epidaurian Asklepieion”
Jonas Tai, Rutgers University – New Brunswick

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