Monday, October 8, 2018

Alpheios Version 2.0.3 Beta Release, October 2018

Alpheios Version 2.0.3 Beta Release, October 2018
This is the first Beta release of the Alpheios Reading Tools for Chrome and Firefox.
In addition to greater overall stability across a wide variety of sites, the biggest focus of this release is the completion of the Latin and Greek Inflection tables. This release now has near parity with the functionality provided in Alpheios Version 1 and we have improved upon that with greater accuracy, both in the content and when matching into the tables on the forms identified in the word lookup results. 
If you are still using the old Version 1 Alpheios Firefox Extensions, we encourage you to upgrade now to this newer version.

Various new features and bug fixes are included in the release, the most important being the following:
  • Lookup of user-supplied words
  • Inflection table browser
  • Greek inflection tables
  • Latin inflection table additions and corrections
  • Enhanced inflection table matching
  • UI Design improvements
  • Improvements to Latin morphological information
  • Improvements to Arabic morphological information
  • Ability to adjust display font-size
  • Support for Google Drive documents

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