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Welcome to! is a study guide for anybody interested in history. There is currently no printed version. We’ve been online since 1995. We write new articles (and update old ones) every day. Historians with advanced degrees write all our articles.

Who we are

Professor Carr holds a BA with high honors in Classics and Archaeology from Cornell University, and a PhD in Classical Art and Archaeology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She is an Associate Professor Emerita of History at Portland State University.

What we do aims to present history for the 21st century. Like other historians today, we work towards reducing the traditional over-representation of men, Europeans and white AmericansChristians, the rich, the able-bodied, and the heterosexual. We’re aiming to tell the stories of womenpeople of colorBuddhists and Muslims, the poorgay people, and other traditionally marginalized or under-represented people. We also want to include the history of the planet and its rocks and animals and plants. They have their own history that often intersects human history
Africa (with Ancient Egypt)
Europe (with Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome)
West Asia (Mesopotamia, the Persian Empire, and the Islamic Empire)
Central Asia
Southeast Asia
Americas (South America, Native Americans, American history)

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