Thursday, January 18, 2018

Attic Inscriptions Online Update

Attic Inscriptions Online Update
3 January 2018: In this release we publish translations of the 24 Attic inscriptions in the Collection of Greek Ritual Norms which were not previously included in AIO: fragmentary sacrificial calendars from the City Eleusinion CGRN 7, and from the Acropolis CGRN 20 and CGRN 21 (with new readings), sacrificial calendars from Teithras CGRN 55, and Eleusis CGRN 94, Athenian decrees relating to sacrifices at Eleusis CGRN 8, to the festival of Hephaistos (?) CGRN 43, to Asklepios in Piraeus CGRN 46, decrees of the demes Paiania CGRN 25, Phrearrhioi CGRN 103, Piraeus CGRN 78 (Thesmophorion), and Cholargos CGRN 79 (Thesmophoria), decree of orgeones of Echelos and the heroines CGRN 102, sacrificial regulation relating to priestly portions and tariffs CGRN 61, small sacrificial regulations from Piraeus relating to Asklepios and associated deities CGRN 54, to the Moirai 53, to Artemis 77, from Athens CGRN 72, 95, 133, 134, 135, from Halimous CGRN 73, late hell. regulation for Asklepios and Hygieia CGRN 215. We also update IG II3 1, 447 (Little Panathenaia) = CGRN 92 and introduce a facility to Browse by Findspot and Original location.

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