Monday, January 15, 2018

Open Access Journal: Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama (APGRD) Newsletter

[First posted in AWOL 6 March 2013, updated 15 January 2018]

Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama (APGRD) Newsletter
Ancient drama has exerted a uniquely formative influence on cultural and intellectual life since the Renaissance, and today ancient plays are being performed in both the commercial and amateur theatre with greater frequency than at any time since antiquity. The Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama was founded in 1996 by Edith Hall and Oliver Taplin in response to the need for a coordinated research effort devoted to the international production and reception of ancient plays since the Renaissance. They included within its scope revivals and adaptations on stage, film and radio, and in opera and dance.
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Current issue - Newsletter 24 (Spring 2017)

Previous issues

Newsletter 23 (Spring 2015)
Newsletter 22 (Spring 2014)
Newsletter 21 (Spring 2013)
Newsletter 20 (Summer 2012)
Newsletter 19 (Winter 2011)
Newsletter 18 (Spring 2011)
Newsletter 17 (Winter 2009)
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Newsletter 15 (Spring 2009)
Newsletter 14 (Winter 2007-2008)
Newsletter 13 (Summer 2007)
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Newsletter 11 (Spring 2006)
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Newsletter 7 (Summer 2003)
Newsletter 6 (Autumn 2002)
Newsletter 5 (Summer 2002)
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Newsletter 3 (Autumn 2001)
Newsletter 2 (Summer 2001)
Newsletter 1 (Spring 2001)
The performance database is an online resource that details quantitative information about performances of Greek and Roman drama from antiquity to the present day. The information has been collated by researchers working with the project over several years.

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