Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Cuneiform Commentaries Project News

Cuneiform Commentaries Project News
Many new editions have been uploaded to the website of the Cuneiform Commentaries Project since we last made a public announcement. A number of them were previously unpublished and therefore substantially increase the body of Mesopotamian exegesis. They include:

(1) A previously unpublished commentary on Shumma Alu 59 (http://ccp.yale.edu/P286488), by E. Frahm
(2) The commentary on NBGT (http://ccp.yale.edu/P461061), by M. Frazer
(3) A previously unpublished commentary on Enuma Anu Enlil 5 (http://ccp.yale.edu/P299300), by M. Frazer
(4) An important ritual commentary (http://ccp.yale.edu/P461230), by E. Jiménez
(5) The commentary on the Babylonian Theodicy (http://ccp.yale.edu/P404917), by E. Jiménez
(6) The commentary on Marduk’s Address to the Demons (http://ccp.yale.edu/P430865, by the three authors).

In addition:

(1) Uri Gabbay has written an introduction to the comparative study of Akkadian commentaries and Early Hebrew exegesis (http://ccp.yale.edu/introduction/akkadian-hebrew-exegesis).

(2) Steve Tinney has implemented several new features to achieve a smoother integration between the CCP website and Oracc. The most important are (a) it is now possible to colour code the transliterations of commentaries so that citations from the base text (in blue) are discernible at a glance from the explanations (in black) and from quotations from other texts (in red). and (b) the glossaries now link to the CCP website. Every transliteration on the CCP website has been revised and updated to reflect the new colour codes implemented by Tinney.

Thanks are expressed to the following scholars who have contributed their editions and feedback since the last newsletter: Yoram Cohen, Jeanette C. Fincke, Sally M. Freedman, Uri Gabbay, Mathieu Ossendrijver, Matthew Rutz, Luis Sáenz, Henry Stadhouders, Ulla Koch, and Zackary Wainer. We would like to renew our invitation to Assyriologists around the world to contribute their editions of as yet unedited commentary tablets, for which they will receive full credit.

Please note that it is possible to subscribe to the CCP’s monthly Newsletter (http://ccp.yale.edu/newsletter).

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