Monday, August 21, 2017

Corinth Excavation K-12 Educational Resources

Corinth Excavation K-12 Educational Resources
The lesson plans are gathered by a central theme or topic; however, each lesson plan is a separate entity to supplement learning within a teacher’s curriculum on ancient and medieval civilizations. For each lesson plan, a supplementary PowerPoint with images and prodecures helps make lessons ready-to-use. Lessons are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, National Standards for History (published by the National Center for History in Schools), or Common Core State Standards.
All lessons are in English, with Greek, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish translations planned or in progress. Lessons are available via Corinth Excavations' Google+ page along with collections of videos used in the lessons plus other bonus videos. The links below direct you to individual lesson plans stored on Corinth Excavations' Google Drive account; you may also view the entire collection of lessons here.
Water in Ancient and Modern Greece
Legacy of Ancient Greek Gods
Ancient Empires
Ancient and Modern Religion
The Byzantine Empire and Beyond
Experience Corinth: Digital Field Trip
  • Coming soon: Digital Field Trip to Corinth

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