Friday, August 25, 2017

CDLI News: Princeton Theological Seminary cuneiform texts

<’s-very-special-collections> is CDLI’s January 2015 announcement of a then ongoing collaboration with the curatorial and academic staff of the Princeton Theological Seminary to digitize and make accessible online the PTS collection of cuneiform text artifacts. That notice entertained the prospect of a completion of the collaborative capture by the fall of the same year. A little two years late: with the recent posting of fatcrosses of the collection’s 1st millennium exemplars, created by UCLA graduate student Mike Heinle, undergrad Veronica Hughey and myself (<>), we have now indeed wrapped up the more technical aspect of this venture, offering a clearer picture of the nature, and state of publication of this substantial set of (currently 2927) texts. We invite specialists to review the, by our count, 1827 still unpublished PTS texts (<>), largely Old Babylonian, neo-Babylonian and Achaemenid period administrative and legal documents, but still including 58 Ur III records, with an eye to their eventual formal publication. Such planned editions should be proposed to Princeton Theological Seminary associates, and once agreed to, notification should be sent to CDLI to upload authors’ names to their texts’ corresponding entries. Beyond publication considerations, we would be grateful to receive corrections to the current CDLI catalogue of these texts from later periods, and we of course welcome communication of remaining errors in our treatment of the published pieces.

Bob Englund

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