Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Open Access eBooks on JSTOR

Open Access eBooks on JSTOR
JSTOR offers a growing list of Open Access ebooks from respected presses, such as University of California Press and University of Michigan Press, at no cost to libraries or users. More than 100 titles are now available, and we expect to add several hundred more by the end of 2017. Please see below for a title list and links to the ebooks, or download a title list here. The titles are also cross-searchable with other content on
The ebooks, which reflect JSTOR’s high standards for quality content, are freely available for anyone in the world to use. Each ebook carries one of six Creative Commons licenses determined by the publisher. The titles are easy to use, with no DRM restrictions and no limits on chapter PDF downloads or printing. Users will not need to register or log in to JSTOR. Librarians can receive free MARC records and activate the titles in discovery services; more information for librarians is available here.
This initiative furthers JSTOR's mission to expand access to knowledge and education while lowering costs, and joins other efforts to maximize access including the Early Journal Content program, the Register and Read program, and the African Access Initiative. We look forward to sharing what we learn with the scholarly community.
The following are the books on Antiquity currently available:
Bread and Circuses: Theories of Mass Culture as Social Decay

Patrick Brantlinger1983Cornell University PressLanguage & Literature
Imperial Matter: Ancient Persia and the Archaeology of Empires

Lori Khatchadourian2016University of California PressArchaeology
Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology: Characters and Collections

2015UCL PressArchaeology ; Art & Art History ; History
The World's Oldest Church: Bible, Art, and Ritual at Dura-Europos, Syria

Michael Peppard2016Yale University PressHistory

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