Thursday, February 2, 2017

News: 33 New titles added to Ancient World Digital Library

33 New titles added to Ancient World Digital Library
By Gabriel McKee
This January a selection of 33 newly-digitized volumes was added to the Ancient World Digital Library (AWDL), containing both high-quality scans of public-domain content as well as more recent publications released through new partnerships with publishers and academic organizations.
The recent additions include the first volume in a new partnership between AWDL and ISLET-Verlag, a Dresden-based publishing house founded in 2002 by Cornelia Wunsch. ISLET specializes in publishing cuneiform archives, economic and legal texts, and other Assyrian and Babylonian materials. The first volume in the series “Babylonische Archive”, Mining the Archives, is now viewable in AWDL. More volumes from ISLET will follow.

The newly-added titles also include four volumes of monographic supplements published by the Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists (BASP): Roger S. Bagnall and K.A. Worp’s Regnal Formulas in Byzantine Egypt, Kathleen McNamee’s Abbreviations in Greek Literary Papyri and Ostraca, D. Brent Sandy’s The Production and Use of Vegetable Oils in Ptolemaic Egypt, and John F. Oates’ The Ptolemaic Basilikos Grammateus. With these four volumes, AWDL continues its partnership with the American Society of Papyrologists, whose series American Studies in Papyrology currently has 15 titles available in AWDL.

Papyrology is further represented by three historical titles from Harrassowitz Verlag, original published in the 1940s-1960s: Wilhelm Schubert’s Die Papyri der Universitatsbibliothek Erlangen, Erich Lüddeckens’ Ägyptische Eheverträge, and Ludwig Koenen’s Eine ptolemäische Königsurkunde (P. Kroll). Through AWDL, these long out-of-print volumes are now accessible to scholars worldwide.

Lastly, the new additions to AWDL include 25 public-domain volumes, primarily on Egyptological topics. These titles, several of which have long available in low-quality scans from sources like the Internet Archive and Hathi Trust, have been completely re-digitized for AWDL. These high-quality scans will prove far more useful than what has been digitally available until now, particularly for titles like Beschreibung der aegyptischen Sammlung des niederländischen Reichsmuseums der Altertümer in Leiden that include photographic plates.

As always, titles in AWDL can be read online in full resolution or downloaded in either high- or low-resolution PDF format. In addition to searching for titles, you can also find titles by using the AWDL Atlas, a browsable map of all of the titles available on the AWDL site; by browsing for topics under the “Collections Overview” tab; or looking at individual series in the “Series” tab.

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