Tuesday, February 21, 2017

News from the PSI – Papiri della Società Italiana

PSI – Papiri della Società Italiana Project News
Dear colleagues,
just a quick update about the psi-online project, on behalf of all the
friends (and all the Institutions) involved in it. On our website
(www.psi-online.it) it is now possible to browse images and datas about
P. Flor. I, PSI inv. (around 300 papyri kept in the Istituto Vitelli but
not published in the main PSI series, as PSI Com9, PSI Congr.XX; see the
list in PSI XVI, pp. 313-334), P. Tebt. Pad. I and a number of P. Tebt.
Pad. inv. (i.e., not yet published).
During next months we will add also P.Prag. II-III and P.Flor. II-III to
the database, as well as more informations on the collections involved.

Carissimi saluti,
Lucio Del Corso
Università degli Studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale
Dipartimento di scienze umane, sociali e della salute -
Laboratorio di ricerche storiche e archeologiche dell'antichità

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