Thursday, February 23, 2017

Digital Silk Road

Digital Silk Road: Digital Archives of Cultural Heritage, Digital Silk Road Project, National Institute of Informatics
We wish to archive now the huge amount of cultural resources that have been collected and studied from the ancient to the current in a form without deterioration, and inherit those resources for the future. We wish to improve accessibility to those cultural resources for many people to actually see and use those resources. 

Digital Silk Road Project is a research project to realize these goals by integrating information technology with the study of culture. To be specific, we must investigate various methods, starting from the digitization of real cultural artifacts, and the construction of digital archives, to the exhibition of digital cultural resources over the network and annotation to digital cultural resources based on collaborative work. 

Naturally, this kind of a big issue cannot be solved only by the experts of informatics. That is why we are promoting international collaborative research ranging over various academic fields. We have been working together with several international organizations and several universities in Japan and in foreign countries. 

Our future plan includes the dissemination of research results over the network to broaden the outreach of the digital archive. We also understand, however, that another important issue is the improvement of accessibility to digital cultural resources, especially in countries along ancient Silk Road in which the usage of information technology still remains premature.

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