Thursday, May 12, 2016

Trismegistos News: Text Irregularities database

Trismegistos Text Irregularities database
We are pleased to announce an improved version of the Trismegistos Text Irregularities database ( The processed data is now no longer limited to editorial corrections in the apparatus, but also includes omissions and additions in the text itself (in the PN visible as pointed brackets  < > and braces { }). Also, the context of the text irregularity (in the form of the letter or diphthong preceding and following) is now provided and searchable. A network has been included for the more common irregularities. A list of attested types of irregularities also facilitates navigation (

Since the creation of the database to a large extent relies on automated processes, there will no doubt still be many inaccuracies, particularly for the context of the errors. We continue checking and improving everything, and hope to add an extra layer of grammatical interpretation in the not too distant future. We have also started to process the corrections of the ancient scribes, and this will soon be available as well. As before, we welcome feedback or assistence with the development of the database, and hope it will provide useful for further study of Greek linguistics based on the papyri.

Joanne Stolk
Mark Depauw

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