Thursday, May 19, 2016

Greek OCR Challenge

Greek OCR Challenge
  1. To gain access, please email <> for a username and password. Login will be prompted once you have selected a text
  2. You may either begin by correcting one of the texts below, or you may ask for a new text from our collection to be added
  3. Watch the progress bar grow as the text is corrected
  4. Download html, PDF and EPUB versions when you're done, and ...
  5. If your work is 99.95% accurate, we'll pay to have it converted to TEI-P5!

Deipnosophistai 1 Athenaeus. Cambridge UP

The Apostolic fathers : with an English translation 1 1919 Lake, Kirsopp, 1872-1946. London : W. Heinemann

Lives. With an English translation by Bernadotte Perrin 6 1914-50 Plutarch et al.. London Heinemann

Alciphronis rhetoris Epistularum libri IV; edidit M. A. Schepers 1905 Schepers, M. A., ed. Lipsiae, in aedibus B. G. Teubneri

Hellenica; or, A history of Greece in Greek 1 1868 Wright, L.. MacMillan and Co

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