Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pleiades Feedback Requested

Dear colleagues:

I hope those of you who have previously contributed content to Pleiades (or who are thinking about doing so) can spare a few minutes sometime soon to read and react to a new reference document we’ve just added to the site:

Reference: Attributes of Places

It lists all of the fields you can fill out when adding or editing a place resource.

If you detect errors, omissions, or opportunities for improvement, I’d love to hear about them before we go on to produce similar documents for “name” and “location” resources. You can provide your comments in reply to this message or via email to You can also comment publicly via twitter or our Facebook page.

If you’re actively contributing, you’ll also note that this document has been added to a streamlined “Editing Places” portlet, which may be found in the right-hand column of any “place” page, immediately below the “related items from Pelagios” portlet.

Happy placing!


Tom Elliott, Ph.D.
Associate Director for Digital Programs and Senior Research Scholar
Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (NYU)

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