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Brooklyn Museum Publications: Titles with full-text online

[First posted in AWOL 25 September 2012, updated 9 April 2015]

Brooklyn Museum books online

...You’ve probably noticed that a lot of the content on the Brooklyn Museum website is licensed under a Creative Commons non-commercial attribution license. HathiTrust now offers that option to rights holders. It was a natural for us to jump in and offer pre-1990 Brooklyn Museum and Brooklyn Institute publications under CC terms, too. More recent books will come online gradually, as they go out of print and the stock dwindles (yes, we still want to sell books).  And books that we co-published are going to take some legwork to acquire permission from partners...
 A quick survey of the currently available titles relating to antiquity yields the following:

Predynastic and archaic Egypt in the Brooklyn Museum / by Winifred Needler.

by Brooklyn Museum. Churcher, C. S., 1928- Needler, Winifred.
Published 1984

Toilet articles from ancient Egypt, from the Charles Edwin Wilbour Memorial Collection and the Collection of the New York Historical Society in the Brooklyn Museum.

by Brooklyn Museum. Wilbour, Charles Edwin Riefstahl, Elizabeth.
Published 1943

Africa in antiquity : the arts of ancient Nubia and the Sudan.

by Wenig, Steffen. Brooklyn Museum
Published 1978

Travels in Egypt (December 1880 to May 1891) : letters of Charles Edwin Wilbour / edited by Jean Capart.

by Wilbour, Charles E. 1833-1896. Capart, Jean. Brooklyn Museum.
Published 1936

Coptic Egypt;

by Brooklyn Museum. New York University.
Published 1944

Late Egyptian and Coptic art : an introduction to the collections in the Brooklyn Museum.

by Brooklyn Museum. Cooney, John Ducey.
Published 1943

Pagan and Christian Egypt; Egyptian art from the first to the tenth century A.D., exhibited at the Brooklyn museum by the Department of ancient art, January 23-March 9, 1941,...

by Brooklyn Museum.
Published 1941

Patterned textiles in pharaonic Egypt, by Elizabeth Riefstahl.

by Riefstahl, Elizabeth. Brooklyn Museum.
Published 1944

The mark of ancient man : ancient Near Eastern stamp seals and cylinder seals : the Gorelick Collection / by Madeline Noveck.

by Noveck, Madeline Gorelick, Leonard. Brooklyn Museum.
Published 1975

Glass and glazes from ancient Egypt.

by Brooklyn Museum. Riefstahl, Elizabeth.
Published 1948

Les ostraca grecs de la collection Charles-Edwin Wilbour au Musée de Brooklyn.

by Brooklyn Museum. Wilbour, Charles E. 1833-1896. Préaux, Claire.
Published 1935

Amarna reliefs from Hermopolis in American collections [by] John D. Cooney. Mainz a. Rh., v. Zabern (1965)

by Cooney, John Ducey. Brooklyn Museum of Arts and Sciences. Dept. of Ancient Art.
Published 1965

Catalogue of the Egyptological library and other books from the collection of the late Charles Edwin Wilbour,

by Brooklyn Museum. Wilbour, Charles E. 1833-1896. Cook, William Burt, 1875-
Published 1924

Exhibition of Persian art and its reaction on the modern world; museum and loan collections and special exhibits of schools and manufacturers illustrating Persian inspiration,...

by Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences.
Published 1931

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