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Maney Archaeology Content free 13 - 26 April 2015. No sign up required

Maney Archaeology Content free 13 - 26 April 2015. No sign up required

Over 20,000 articles free to read:

All online content, including all 2015 issues, for all of the journals Maney Publishing publishes in archaeology, conservation and heritage: is free to read and download for two weeks, between 13 - 26 April 2015. No sign up required!

This includes content in 18 different subject areas spanning over 100 years, from 1869 - 2015.

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Senses of Place, Senses of the Past: Making Experiential Maps as Part of Community Heritage Fieldwork:

This paper explores the mode of production and potential uses of a specific heritage fieldwork and interpretation tool: collaborative experiential maps.
Polymers and volatiles: Using VOC analysis for the conservation of plastic and rubber objects:

There is an acknowledged need for improved conservation of plastic and rubber objects within collections, including improved methods of condition assessment, material identification, and better understanding of material degradation.
Holocaust Archaeology: Archaeological Approaches to Landscapes of Nazi Genocide and Persecution:

Debate concerning the events of the Holocaust is well embedded in the historical discourse and, thus, clearly defined narratives of this period exist. However, in most European countries the Holocaust has only recently begun to be considered in terms of its surviving archaeological remains and landscapes.
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