Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Women of ASOR Map

[First posted in AWOL 30 October 3013, updated 8 March 2017  in honour of International Women's Day]

 Women of ASOR Map
The “Women of ASOR” Map will act as a networking resource for ASOR’s membership, as it displays the locations of professional female members around the globe – pinpointing the universities, museums or other organizations where they work and the sites at which they excavate. Each red dot opens a pop-up box that contains the profile of a member at this geographic location (latitude and longitude coordinates) and information of any affiliated archaeological projects. Each blue star is located at the geographic location of the archaeological projects affiliated with the members represented on the map (red dots). Helpful Hints: Zooming in on the map allows users to see the more specific locations of the members. To search for a particular member or specialty keyword, use the search box at the bottom left of the screen. Also, on the upper left toolbar is the “Identify” button/link, which needs to be clicked on or highlighted in order to explore the points (red dots and blue stars) on the map. For more in-depth help, click here!

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