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Greek mss. at the Bibliotheque Nationale Francais via Gallica

Roger Pearse brings us a linked list of the Greek mss. at the French National Library

I learned today from the Evangelical textual criticism blog that the Bibliotheque Nationale Francais have been putting manuscripts online, at their Gallica.bnf.fr portal. Locating these is not straightforward; but if you do an advanced search, leave blank the title etc, and select manuscripts, Greek, you get back a list. A good number are biblical mss., but most are not. Blessedly you can download a PDF of the whole thing in each case.
I thought that a few examples might be useful. The first item is the shelfmark
  • Coislin 352, 17th c. Palatine Anthology of Greek verse.
  • Grec 2971, 16th c. Hermogenes, Progymnasmata.  Whatever that is.
  • Grec 2868, 16th c. Apollinaris Metaphrasis Psalmorum.
  • Grec 510, 9th c. Gregory Nazianzen.
  • Grec 2929, 16th c. grammatical bits and pieces.
  • Grec 2705, 14th c., John Tzetzes on the Iliad.
  • Grec 2261, 16th c. medical ms.
  • Grec 216, 10th c. Acts of the Apostles, with the catena.
  • Grec 1853, 10th c., Aristotle
  • Coislin 291, 14th c., Simeon the New Theologian.
  • Grec 1807, 9th c. Plato
  • Grec 1685, 15th c. Ps.Callisthenes, History of Alexander; Aesop’s fables.
  • Grec 1639, 15th c. Xenophon, Cyropedia; expedition; Theophrastus, characters.
  • Grec 1759, 13th c. Diogenes Laertius, Lives of the philosophers.
  • Grec 2465, 14th c. Michael Psellus
  • Grec 1407, 15th c. Arrian, Anabasis; on India; Ptolemy’s geography, epitome.
  • Grec 1122, 14th c. John Damascene.
  • Grec 2795, 15th c. Sophocles, Electra, Orestes, etc, with scholia.
  • Grec 2850, 1475 AD, Sybilline oracles.
  • Grec 2902, 16th c. Aesop, Aristophanes, Euripides.
  • Grec 2999, 16th c. Demosthenes.
  • Coislin 1, 7th c. Greek Old Testament
  • Coislin 79, 11th c. Chrysostom.
  • Grec 2809, 15th c. Euripides.
  • Grec 2036, 10th c. Longinus on the sublime, Ps. Aristotle.
  • Grec 2706, 1500. Aristarchus, summaries and scholia on the Iliad.
  • Grec 2742, 17th c. Greek anthology of epigrams.
  • Grec 1535, 11th c. Martyrdoms.
  • Grec 164, 1070 AD. Psalms and canticles, with scholia.
  • Grec 1671, 1296. Plutarch.
  • Grec 107, 7th c. Bilingual Greek/Latin Paul’s letters. For some reason not identified by BNF.
  • Grec 1128, 14th c. Barlaam and Joasaph.
  • Grec 1767, 15th c. George Cedrenus, Narratio of meeting of Pope Silvester with some Jews.
  • Grec 1909, 15th c. Simplicius on Aristotle’s Physica.
  • Grec 2179, 9th c. Dioscorides.
  • Grec 2442, 11th c. Aelian, Tactica; Onasander, etc – military manuals.
  • Grec 2389, 9th c. Ptolemy.
  • Grec 3094, 17th c. Chrysostom, 4 homilies to Antiochenes.
  • Grec 923, 9th c. John Damascene, Sacra Parallela.
  • Grec 451, 914 AD. The Arethas codex of the Greek apologists!!!
  • Grec 781, 939 AD. Chrysostom.
  • Grec 142, 12th c. Euthymius Zigabenus, Commentary on Psalms and Canticles.
I’m about half way through and have to rush off. A few more.
  • Grec 945, 15th c. Origen.
  • Grec 414, 16th c. Gelasius of Cyzicus, Eusebius Vita Constantini, HE, etc.
  • Coislin 202, 6th c. Euthalian chapters, New Testament, note saying it was copied from Pamphilus’ exemplar (f.14r, v).
But a great number have no description, although I find that if you look inside, a slip glued onto the guard-folios at the front often tells you what the contents are.
This is marvellous, and I haven’t really digested what is here. There’s 146 Greek but only 15 Latin mss.

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