Monday, July 1, 2013

T. E. Lawrence Online

[First posted in AWOL 19 November 2010. Updated 1 July, 2013]

T. E. Lawrence Studies
T. E. Lawrence Studies is edited by Jeremy Wilson
The site is addressed to anyone interested in the life or career of T.E. Lawrence, including the academic community and the media.
There is no form of membership or paid subscription. Much of our content is copyright, but it is freely available to read here.
I work on the site in parallel with editing and publishing scholarly editions of T.E. Lawrence's writings and correspondence through Castle Hill Press. My wife and I think of the press and the website as complimentary projects, each helping to advance knowledge in the field of T.E. Lawrence studies. For this reason there is a link to the press website in the top navigation bar, and you will occasionally find links to content on the Castle Hill Press website, or notices of Castle Hill Press editions. The search engine will scan the content of both sites.
Neither T.E. Lawrence Studies nor Castle Hill Press has any connection with the 'T.E. Lawrence Society'. Please do not send us questions about its affairs (or vice-versa). 

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