Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Crowdsource Project: Mummipedia Wiki

Mummipedia Wiki 
The Mummipedia Project taps into the power of the overwhelming popular interest in mummies, and into the firsthand access that individuals and interested societies have to local museum holdings, to expand the depth and breadth of our knowledge of all mummy holdings worldwide. 

Have you seen a mummy? Add it to our pages, or add details to existing mummy pages. We want a page for every mummy on earth! Photos, lists, and articles on mummification will help us all to put these mummies into perspective. 

Want to see a mummy? Here is a list of mummies that we know about. Find a mummy near you, look-up or visit the museum, and share the information you find! Go ahead and add a page for the museum while you are at it. 

Want to learn about the latest mummy research? Check out the AreYouMyMummy blog

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