Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Coin Hoards of the Roman Republic Online

Coin Hoards of the Roman Republic Online
Coin hoards of the Roman Republic Online (CHRR Online) is a database of Roman Republican coin hoards mainly from the period 155 BC to AD 2. This database began life as a personal research database constructed by Kris Lockyear using a combination of published data and Michael Crawford's personal archive now housed in the British Museum. The online database, which utilises the Numishare application developed by Ethan Gruber, is a joint project between Kris Lockyear (Institute of Archaeology, University College London) and the American Numismatic Society. Project coordination provided by Rick Witschonke of the ANS.
The database is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of hoards of that date. For a detailed discussion of the construction of the database and the data contained within it, please see the FAQ, Lockyear 2007, Lockyear 2013 or Lockyear and Gruber forthcoming.
The database is currently Version 1 (beta).
The data is freely available to scholars for use in their research. We only ask that you:
(a) identify each hoard in your publications using the unique three-character hoard identifier;
(b) cite the database in the following manner:
Lockyear, Kris (2013). Coin hoards of the Roman Republic Online, version X. New York: American Numismatic Society. Data retrieved from <> on <enter date>.
CHRR Online is a Numishare tool based on the stable numismatic identities established by the Nomisma project. The Roman Republican coin data served by Nomisma has been supplied by the British Museum’s Roman Republican Coinage project.

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