Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ancient World Linked Data JavaScript

Some of us here at ISAW have been experimenting today with Ancient World Linked Data JavaScript.

The basic information is at:

Awld.js: A javascript library for Ancient World Linked Data
Awld.js is a javascript library for Ancient World Linked Data. When installed on an existing web page, it will add functionality and visual elements based on links to stable URIs relevant to the study of the Ancient World. View the source of this page for the two 'script' elements you can add to your pages to get it working.
Tom Elliot's Horothesia gives the quickest tutorial possible at: Five Minutes to Ancient World Linked Data JavaScript

You can see some of this in action here on AWOL in the text at the bottom of each of these pages:
 Try it yourself on your own sites and let us know how it works.


  1. Alas, wordpress.com blogs don't allow javascript ("for security reasons"), so I can't test it in Ancient World Open Bibliographies right now.

  2. Rumor has it that a wordpress script is in the works, and a wikimedia script is already there. Sebastian will reveal all next week!

  3. Chuck's right. Stefano Costa ( http://steko.iosa.it/ ) is working on / thinking about a Wordpress plugin. Phoebe, I'll let him know you're interested as he may well want testers.